Best Portable Toilets for Camping in 2022

Most camping areas have restrooms but are often located far from the camping site. This is where camping toilets come in. Best Portable camping toilets ( Amazon ) give you the convenience of having a bathroom where running water does not exist. There are four different types of camping toilets. These are:

  • Flush-type portable camping toilet: Flush-type camping toilets have a fresh-water tank and a wastewater tank. They are a little pricier.
  • Bucket-type portable camping toilet: Bucket-type camping toilets are dry toilets with a snap-on that serves as a seat. They are very cheap and lightweight.
  • Fold-able/collapsible portable camping toilet: Fold-able toilets can be folded during transportation to make them more compact and they are also dry toilets.
  • Composting portable camping toilet: Composting toilets turn human waste into compost with the help of sawdust or peat moss. But they are a bit expensive.

NOTE: All of these toilets can be used as RV toilets.

Editor’s Pick

Alpcour Portable Toilet


Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons
Net Weight: 15 Pounds
Type: Flush-able

Budget Pick

Self Contained Composting Toilets


Tank Capacity: 80 uses
Net Weight: 28 Pounds
Type: Compositing

Customer’s Pick

PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet for Camping


Tank Capacity: 8 Gallons
Net Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Type: Flush-able


IF you are looking for a flush-able camping toilet, these are some of the best ones in the market. Please checkout the weight when they are empty because they tend to be a little bit heavy when the tank is full of water. Flush-able camping toilets are really good for RV’s or vans since they come with a holding tank.

ImageProductDetails  Price
Thetford 92305 Porta Potti Portable ToiletTHETFORD PORTABLE TOILET Tank Capacity: 5.54 Gallons
Net Weight: 12.13 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Camco 41544 Travel ToiletCAMCO PREMIUM PORTABLE TRAVEL TOILET Tank Capacity: 5.3 Gallons
Net Weight: 14 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Dometic Portable ToiletDOMETIC PORTABLE TOILET Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons
Net Weight: 12 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Self Contained Composting ToiletsNATURES HEAD SELF CONTAINED COMPOSTING TOILET Tank Capacity: 80 uses
Net Weight: 28 Pounds
Type: Compositing
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Reliance Portable Flushing ToiletReliance Products Flush-N-Go 3320 Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons
Net Weight: 10.6 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Camco Standard Portable Travel ToiletCAMCO STANDARD PORTABLE TOILET Tank Capacity: 5.3 Gallons
Net Weight: 10.8 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Portable Toilet Camping Porta PottyZIMMER PORTABLE TOILET Tank Capacity: 5 Gallons
Net Weight: 9.75 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Thetford Porta Potti Portable ToiletTHETFORD CORP WHITE 92820 PORTA POTTI 365 Tank Capacity: 5.5 Gallons
Net Weight: 10.54 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet for CampingPLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet for Camping Tank Capacity: 8 Gallons
Net Weight: 5.5 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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Alpcour Portable ToiletAlpcour Portable Toilet Tank Capacity: 5.3 Gallons
Net Weight: 15 Pounds
Type: Flush-able
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When It comes to comfort no doubt Thetford porta potti is without a doubt the best. It does not have the height of your residential toilet, but also a large bowl and seat. This toilet is also beautifully designed. It has a curvaceous and sleek design which looks both stylish and modern. If we talk about the capacity of this toilet then this toilet has 4 gallons of freshwater tank and 5.5 gallons of wastewater tank. The wastewater tank is easily detachable and easily helps you to empty it. For convenient and clean emptying the waste tank has a sprout with a cap which helps to contain bad odor.

It will give you 56 times flushes before emptying this toilet. It uses a battery flushing system. The other features that come with this toilet are an integrated toilet paper holder and tank level indicator. The tank level indicator tells you precisely when to empty the tank and when to add fresh water in the tank eliminating your guess work. A hold down kit will help to secure this toilet in space during transportation. This will prevent it from breakdown and displacing, especially during transportation.

One of the main things that makes this toilet favorite is the same one that makes people have bad experiences while using it. This toilet is battery powered. If you are out camping with no extra batteries and your toilet battery starts running low, you will have to contend with squatting brushes.


  • Ideal seat height and design
  • Battery powered flush
  • High capacity holding tank
  • Easy to clean and use


  • Covers a fairly large footprint; 17 inches high and 15 inches wide
  • Come at premium price
  • Battery powered flush is prone malfunction


The Camco premium toilet is Camco’s latest best toilet, and this is the one product that competes with Thetford’s curved toilet. Like many flushable toilets, it has a toilet bowl with a seat and lid, the flush tank, and the wastewater tank. The freshwater tank has a capability of 3.74 gallons, while the holding tank has a capacity of 5 gallons. To use this toilet, pull out the seal handle to open the toilet bowl. You can then sit on the toilet seat, which is not too far down than a standard height toilet, and get down your waist.

To flush it, there is a piston pump on the top of the toilet, which after pumping, will direct water through 3 jets into the bowl. After flushing, push back the sliding valve handle, which will, in turn, seal the holding tank and therefore prevent any leak and also contain lousy odor. This toilet has no foul smell, making it a favorite among people and very easy to clean. Their interior surface is made of silk material that prevents the waste from clinging on. As a result, cleaning them is easy.

A spring-loaded side latch will help you detach this holding tank from the other parts of the toilet. To empty the waste, a spinning emptying spout that is capped comes in handy. Remove the cap and dump the junk in an appropriate area. Wash the waste tank several times, and it will be ready for subsequent use.

Unless you are tall, the height of this toilet is one of the highest in the toilet industry. You, therefore, do not need to squat too low to be able to use it. Its toilet seat is also comparatively a little bigger. Although not the same as your toilet seat at home, it is very decent for a porta-potty.


  • Durable material.
  • Lightweight


  • A little bit large for compact spaces.
  • Drain spout in an awkward position.


The dometic portable toilet is a modern looking and sleek toilet. It has a capacity of 2.5 gallons fresh water and 5 gallons waste water tank and has a toilet bowl with a toilet seat. The waste water tank is easily detachable from other parts of toilets for emptying.  A pivoting discharge spout ensures that you are able to empty your waste. Before you sit to use it you must have to prepare the toilet. At the front of this porta porty is a handle connected to a sliding valve that seals off the waste tank. Pull the handle outwards to expose the waste tank to the bowl.

Next you will need to pressurize the water in the fresh water tank. To do this, use a pump at the top of the toilet to pump a minimum of 15 times. From there the toilet is ready to use. Once you are done push the button on the top of the tank to flush the bowl. Pressurized water Pressurized water will flow from the fresh water tank to the holding hence flushing and rinsing the bowl. The holding tank comes with a level indicator that will precisely tell you the correct time to empty it. This really helps to eliminate guesswork. A latch on the side will help you detach the waste tank from the other part and you can go ahead to empty it at the dumping point.

On top of the tank there is a small dial that you should set to ‘OPEN’. Once you do this, a small hole will be open which lets in air in the waste tank. This will help you to have a smooth emptying. Once you are done, set back the dial to ‘CLOSE’. Among the complaints that have been raised against this portable toilet include the pumping action being noisy especially during nights, leaking at the seal and also the emptying process can take too long because of the design of the spout.


  • Unique flush system
  • Level indicator
  • 2.3 gallons fresh water tank


  • The seat is a little smaller than the camco one


Unlike most portable toilets, NATURES HEAD SELF does not need any water to work. It works by separating liquid from solid. The liquid (urine) should be emptied daily. The solids are decomposed into humus and they can stay in the toilet bin up to 80 uses without a smell. It however requires a 12 volts power connection for the fan. You also have an option to not use the fan if you are in an area with free air circulation as long as you vent your house upward.

Originally, this toilet was designed to be used in the boat industry and hence its all stainless steel hardware. This is the best portable toilet for camping in a boat. Due to its successful efforts there, it has proved useful in all other activities related to pleasure. This toilet is available in both sizes as an elongated bowl and full size. to get a portable toilet with an elongated bowl and a seat is very rare but nature head self-contained composting toilet provides this. 

One of the major drawbacks of this toilet is its price as it is the most expensive portable toilet for camping that anyone with its budget can buy. It comes with 5 years of warranty and is easy to install. Nature’s Head Composting toilet is a vast improvement over other best camping toilets for Camping Vans or RV’s. The toilet seat is also about the height of a flush toilet and so you don’t have to sit very low. It is a compact toilet and therefore the best portable toilet for a tiny house.


  • environment friendly.
  • Ease of use
  • No chemicals are needed
  • Liquids are separated form solids


  • Quite pricey
  • Needs electricity of 12volt for fan


5. Reliance Products Flush-N-Go 3320: Portable Flushing Toilet

If you prefer a toilet with darker color than Reliance Products Flush-N-Go 3320 Portable Flushing Toilet is perfect for you. With its prominent black exterior, there is no doubt that it will make everything easy on the eyes.This feature of color also makes you don’t worry about getting its dirt stain since it features low maintenance. This toilet has a comfortable height of about 17 inches for its users and not only that but it also offers a medium sized bowl for people of different sizes to use.

Reliance Products Flush-N-Go 3320 Portable Flushing Toilet features to combine fresh water and a waste holding tank for eay flushing and a high-end injection piston pump for even greater flushing efficiency.This toilet gives a 10 liter capacity of fresh water reservoir and a 5 gallons capacity of holding tank. This is enough for camping but I would suggest you empty the holding tank as soon as possible. The standard comfort height of this toilet also makes it ada compliant.

It has a t-flush nozzle which directs water around the entire bowl for thorough cleaning of waste. This toilet has a waste level indicator for easy to use and an exhaust valve for the waste holding tank.


  • Budget-affordable
  • It is very comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • It is odor-free


  • Difficult to clean


Camco standard portable toilet is one of the best portable toilets for camping. This toilet comes in two different types depending upon the capacity of the waste holding tanks. These are a holding tank type with 5.3 gallons capacity and the other type with 2.6 gallons holding tank capacity. Camco standard premium toilets are made of polyethylene material and therefore they are easily portable. The holding tank with 5.3 gallons capacity weighs about 10.8 pounds while the other with 2.6 gallons holding capacity weihs 9.4 pounds.

Both of the holding tanks are detachable and are secured by the side clamps to avoid accidental latching. The holding tank contains the sealing valve to prevent leaking and also to avoid  odors. This toilet also comes with a handle for its easy transportation. Camco standard premium toilet is a flush-type toilet and contains a water tank in between the holding tank and the toilet bowl. The water tank has a holding capacity of about 2.5 gallons. There is a lid at the top of the tank which is removable to fill the tank with water.

To remove the wastes from the holding tank a below-type  pump is used. There is a lid present at the back of the holding tank that is easily removable for emptying the toilet. We recommend you empty it before it fulls because this toilet is quite heavy when full. Therefore emptying it is quite difficult and uncomfortable due to its weight and bad odors. Ampgrounds or gas stations are the best places to empty it instead of your home. A family (with 3 to 5) people can easily use this toilet 3 to  times a day without emptying.


  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Have sturdy construction
  • Resembles the residential toilet
  • Manual lever


  • Bowl amy not vary deep
  • Weak lever for flushing


Zimmer portable toilet is a cheap and best working camping toilet. It is a comfortable toilet with standard height for both kids and adults. It has 16.5 inches of height which is not too bad as you have no need to bend your knees too much. This toilet is made with polyethylene material which is both lightweight and easy to clean. To make it easily portable it comes with a handle and its overall weight is 9.75 pounds.

This toilet has three sections, the top most is the toilet bowl with a seat and alid to avoid bad odors, then the fresh water tank which has a capacity of about 3 gallons to contain water and then the waste holding tank. The waste holding tank has a capacity of 5.3 gallons. Waste holding tanks are protected by side leaches to prevent accidental separation.  A sliding seal valve is present at the top of the waste holding tank to prevent the tank from leaking. The seal also prevents the odor from escaping. 

Depending upon the storage of the water holding tank you can get 50-70 flushes. But the waste will not mostly go away with the first flush, you will have to do it 1-3 times. The complaint about this toilet is that it retained skid marks. This challenge is mostly experienced by kids who are  not very used to emptying their bowl. The main reason for skid marks is that portable toilets do not have as much pressure as home toilets.


  • Prevents odors and leaks by slide valve
  • 3 gallons storage of water
  • Easy on and off lids
  • Made with high-density polyethylene
  • Two-piece design


  • Flimsy hardware
  • Has a flimsy lid


Thetford corp always continues to impress with elegant style and modern look. This toilet comes in three different sections: the toilet bowl, seat, fresh water tank and waste water tank .thetford porta potti 365 is not different from their other beautiful great products. The holding tank can hold 5 gallons. The tank is attached with parts of the toilet and can be easily detachable when needed. To make your life easier and hassle free, there is a rotating power outlet in the holding tank.

Typically, when the holding tank is attached to another part of the toilet, the rotating pour-out spout inside the toilet assembly ensures its compact size. When your toilet tank is full of garbage and you need to empty it. Justrotate the spout and easily dispose of the waste in a suitable place. Cleaning the holding tank of this toilet is very easy. Simply rinse it with fresh water many times and you are good.

This is one of the best Porta Potty toilets and you guys will love this last part of Thetford because the height of this toilet is 16.3 inches which is really amazing in a portable toilet that one can easily take refuge in. The toilet bowl of this Thetford is no less than other porta-potties and can be easily compared with them. The fresh water tank capacity is 4 gallons which is enough for one day without refilling the tank. It will give you an average of 56 flushes. A piston flush pump is also used by this toilet which is allocated at the top.

If you are using the toilet for solid waste and want to use less flushing and avoid sticking the waste to the bowl, go ahead and spray with olive oil or another lubricant to lubricate. This toilet with all its features costs more than any other porta-potty. But this toilet is one of the top rated portable camping toilets.


  • Good valve system
  • Has a carry handle of a waste holding tank
  • Easy and comfortable sitting
  • Pleasing design
  • Lightweight


  • Does not comes in different colors

9. PLAYBERG Portable Travel Toilet for Camping

The playberg Portable Travel Toilet is a foldable toilet and can be easily slipped onto your camping truck bed or car seat. It is not a very good portable toilet. This toilet has a simple design and a super slim profile. Playberg portable toilet is a great toilet for camping as it can be easily carried because it is just 2.5 inches thick when folded up. It also performs functions as previous ones.

This toilet comes with four legs to make it more stable than other portable toilets. It has a waste holding tank which is paired with the toilet. The weight of this toilet is about 300 pounds and the height of this toilet is 14.5 inches which makes it a bit taller than its other comparable units.

This toilet is made of plastic and the dimensions of this toilet are the same as those of a regular toilet. It is easily affordable and you can use it in whatever style you prefer. The weight limit of this toilet is too much than normal camping toilets therefore to carry it with is difficult. The process to eliminate the odor is not very need to use a privacy tent to eliminate the odor of the toilet.


  • Compact design can easily fit
  • Toilet paper holder touch is nice


  • Plastic is flimsy
  • Not useable for larger people for its compact size
  • Build quality is not very good

10. Alpcour Portable Toilet

The Alpcour Portable Toilet is the best choice for those people who are interested in traveling in groups. This toilet is very sturdy even for usage in camping with heavyweight people. Also, it is not very large and can be easily portable in an RV, camper van, or boat. This toilet is durable and can be used in your home whenever your plumbing falls off, for whatever reason.

Alpetour Portable toilet features a very efficient sprayer with a very powerful flush piston. Having a powerful flushing piston means your toilet’s interior areas will be well cleaned. All aged people can use this toilet. This toilet does not need to be connected with a water reservoir as it has a waste tank that features an anti-leak drain system to avoid bad odors, or splashing back of waste to your clothes.

The waste holding tank of this toilet has a capacity of about 5.3 gallons which is enough for one-day storage and the water tank of the toilet allows about averaged 50 flushes before each disposal of wastes. This toilet is not a bidet toilet but I am sure you will enjoy and be happy using it.

The Alpetour Portable Toilet comes with instruction and a bag. Like some other portable camping toilets this also comes with a 1-year warranty. Having a comfortable seat and a waste level indicator is an amazing feature.


  • It is lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comfortable seat
  • Affordable price with many features
  • Large waste tank


  • Water sprayer leaks
  • Single flush is weak

Buying Guide:

Buying the perfect portable camping toilet is no easy task. You have to consider all the factors that play a role in buying the best camping toilet. to end with a product that you cannot use for a long time is very useless.

What are the factors to consider while buying the best portable toilet for camping?

1. Cost

Portable camping toilets cost as much as you can. For example, it costs from 20 to many thousand bucks such as nature’s head composting toilet costs thousand bucks. Therefore it is important to take into consideration the cost while buying the best portable toilet for camping. You will be amazed at how well the cheapest toilets work.

cost not only means the final end price of the end product but it also involves the price of maintenance and the cost of buying the replacement parts.

2. Potability

It means the ease of carrying a toilet from one place to another for camping or other purposes. Although all the camping toilets are portable, some are very portable as they are easy to carry and are the best camping toilets for camper vans or other purposes. There are a number of contributing factors that affect the portability of the toilet. One of them is shape and size because they play a major role in the portability of the toilet. Some portable camping toilets weigh about 5 pounds and some 20 pounds or more.

As carrying the toilet with less weight is easy.  Although some toilets are light, they are difficult to carry with because of their unusual shape. Portable camping toilets with handles and compact shapes are definitely easy to carry with.

3. Ease of Cleaning

cleaning is also the most important factor to consider while buying the best portable camping toilet. Most portable toilets do not use bags and are therefore difficult to clean. You have to empty the hose and waste compartment of your toilet after finishing your camping. while the models of portable toilets that use the bag are easier to clean but are not very pleasant to use and contain little odors.

The ease of cleaning the portable camping toilets depends on their types.  Dry portable toilets are easy to clean as compared to flush-type camping portable toilets. One  big problem with some flush-type camping toilets is that they splashback tha waste at you during emptying them.

4. Capacity of storage

One of the main things that you must check while buying the best portable toilet for camping is its storage capacity and how many times you would have to empty it. Some toilets in our list of eviews have 3-5 gallons of storage capacity, and we think it has a good storage capacity  and that’s why we recommend emptying it as soon as possible to avoid weight problems. Some people prefer to dispose of waste frequently and empty the tank to avoid odors.

5. Odor-Free feature

The first question that is often asked before buying the best portable toilet for camping is:

Does this toilet stink? They are right to ask the question that when you go camping you are in a mood of enjoyment and pleasure and fragrance cannot go together. Portable toilets should have the feature of being odor-free. Fortunately, many portable toilet brands have worked on this and have found ways to eliminate odors.

6. Fresh Water reservoir

To have a flush-type portable toilet for camping requires a reservoir of water for the flushing process. On many models, a water tank is built as a separate compartment from the waste tank to allow easy dumping of  waste without spilling the reservoir.They are locked with side clamps to prevent accidental separation of compartments.

7. Dimensions Of Toilet

Dimensions of toilet are also important to consider before buying the best portable toilet for flushing because for some people every inch counts. We have tried to review all the toilets with their dimensions because we know how important dimensions are. Another reason for reviewing the dimension of the toilet is for the comfort of the user. Dimensions of the toilet involves its height, size of bowl and length of the toilet seat.

8. Sturdiness of Toilet

The importance of the strength (sturdy) of your material cannot be overemphasized. A weak toilet can easily land you on the ground, especially during camping. And there is always the possibility of waste spilling on the ground or on you.

Unlike your residential toilets that are mounted on walls or floors, portable toilets stand on their own. Even using some camping toilets you need to use your own legs to maintain balance.

9. Type Of Portable Toilet

As we have already told you that there are several types of portable toilets some are easy to carry with while some are uncomfortable. Most people find them confused between dry-portable toilets and flush type toilets. Dry-type portable toilets are lighter than flush-type portable toilets as they need water for their function. Flush-type portable toilets are modern and stylish. While dry-type portable toilets do not need water and are easy to roam.

10. Environment friendly or not?

The idea behind your camping is to enjoy nature whether you are fishing, hiking, hunting, or going on a road trip. Your goal is to enjoy what nature has blessed. Therefore it would be very shameful if you destroy the nature you are enjoying by using a portable toilet. Although human waste is not harmful to the environment, it can be chemicals or bags. If the toilet is using non-biodegradable bags, the environment will be polluted.


Camping is one of the activities that enable us to enjoy nature and spend time with our family or friends.  The best portable toilet for camping goes a long way to provide us with sanitation during the time of enjoyment. Having a portable toilet or other sanitation facilities with you is the very best idea during camping if the campgrounds have vault toilets. We have reviewed the top 10 best portable toilets in the market today. Many of them are of high quality. hope you have enjoyed reading the reviews listed above and gained some new insight from our buyer guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do portable composting toilets work?

    Composting toilets works on alternative ways to flush toilets by disposing of the human waste with lesser use of water. Composting toilets mixes the waste with peat or moss, sawdust etc and eliminates the odor of the toilet by anaerobic way.

  2. Can you empty a camping toilet in a normal toilet?

    The tank should be empty in the proper place. Do not empty portable camping toilets in the campground. The toilets in your home are the best place to empty the camping toilet, but try not to empty the camping toilet in the toilet with a septic tank as the bacteria working on the septic system are killed by the chemicals in the septic tank.

  3. Do composting toilets smell?

    Usually composting toilets do not smell. But if you don't take proper care of the toilet, it will stink.

  4. Are portable camping toilets good?

    Yes, portable camping toilets are good  as they are easy to handle all the human waste without leaking or producing any smell. Because they use chemicals that break the waste down so it can be safely poured to a suitable dump place.

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