Can I Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

After knowing this you will not be amazed that hair is present in almost every part of our body. But the problem is how much hair you shed every day. As humans, it is normal to shed a hundred thousand hairs every day. so don’t take it seriously as losing hair is normal especially if you are combing. 

Now, the problem is where all this hair goes?  Chances are that with your shed hair in your hand you throw them anywhere. If you do so, the air will drive them around you even into your food. Flushing hair down the toilet is very common among girls or guys with long hair and it is also a very common question asked by them.

People with pets especially cats also face this problem, either flushing off their pet’s hair? , This article will be going to answer you the question “can I flush hair down the toilet or not?”

You should not flush hair down the toilet as hair is very strong and won’t dissolve like toilet paper. They should not be flushed because they may be getting stuck into the toilet drainpipe and cause a clogging problem with your toilet.

Can I Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

Hair won’t dissolve like toilet paper. And unlike toilet paper, hair won’t flush down into the drainpipes, will not dissolve, and stick to your toilet pipes, leading to your toilet clogs. Can Hair Be Flushed Down The Toilet?

The hair in your toilet drainpipe may ball up and create a web of anything passing through. It will easily get entangled with anything, which will not clog your pipes at any time and will make it difficult for other flushing particles to flow freely.

As human beings, we all shave our armpits. Having long hair in the armpits makes it irritating and smelly, especially in summer because most of the sweat accumulates there. And for many of us who flush hair in the toilet, stop doing this as they also don’t like toilet paper.

People with pets in their homes should also be careful. As their pet’s hair is being thrown in the toilet. Whether it’s from an animal or a human. They don’t dissolve easily. 

Some of the big problems with your toilet fixtures may occur due to flushing hair down the toilet. This may also cost very much in the end. As it is said, “ prevention is better than cure”. So, start prevention today to save your money in the future.

Reasons Why You Should Not Flush Hair Down the Toilet:

Following are the main reasons why you should not flush hair down the toilet:

1. To Avoid Sticking On Your Sewage Pipes:

As you may know, your toilet bowl is attached to the toilet drain pipe, which is further attached to other sewage pipes that channel water from your house to other sewage lines. As I have told you, if you flush hair down the toilet, then after some time it forms a web and starts holding everything, making it difficult for other flushed particles to pass through. This is one of the main reasons for clogging.  

2. Hair Don’t Dissolve Quickly:

Hair does not dissolve quickly like toilet paper. This fact is enough to deter you from flushing it down the toilet. So, if you flush such a thing down your toilet, then you are creating a barrier for other flushed particles by yourself.

3. To Avoid Money Spending:

When you regularly flush your hair in the toilet, and as a result, your toilet is clogged, you will need a plumber. The plumber will charge you depending upon the nature of the damage caused by the hair, the structure of your house, and the pipes. I hope you have thought about how much your little carelessness can hurt you.   

Can Hair Go Down The Drain?

Hair can go down the drainpipe but depending on how long your hair is, you have flushed or used the toilet plunger. If it’s long hair, it will not dissolve easily and balls up in the drainpipe making it difficult for other flushed particles to pass. If it’s short hair like in our armpit, it may be flushed down easily depending upon the amount of hair you have flushed. However, sometimes you need to flush many times before it goes down properly.

Methods To unclog a Hair Clogged Toilet:

If your toilet has been clogged due to those hairs, try all the ways given below to unclog your toilet:

1. Try Using Plungers:

Using a plunger might unclog your toilet but if you have flushed your hair down the toilet then this will not bring them up. You have to use a toilet snake for this purpose. There are many types of plungers present on the market but I recommend you to use the rubber plunger as it creates a better seal.


Following is the method, how to unclog your toilet:

  • Firstly, turn off the water supply to your toilet.
  • Remove all the water in the toilet bowl using a basket or anything else.
  • Plunge it well by taking it back and down. 
  • Try to plunge it very fastly.
  • Repeat the process until your toilet is clogged.

2. Using Hot Water:

Try using hot water to unclog your toilet. You might be thinking that how hot water unclogs your toilet? If your toilet is clogged with hair then this is the perfect way to unclog it. 

Fill a bucket with hot water and dump it in your toilet bowl. Hot water will melt your hair and soften the clog then use a plunger to unclog it.

Can I Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

3. Try Using Detergents:

Detergents also unclog your toilet as some soaps or detergents available in the market are highly reactive with water and when they react with water in the bowl they heat it.

Agin this heat will melt your hair and then by using a plunger unclog your toilet. One of the detergents is “red devil lye”.  

4. Mixture Of Baking Soda:

Like detergents, the reaction of baking soda and vinegar also heats the water.


  • Add a cup of baking soda and vinegar and mix it well. Pour some water into the mixture and make a thick paste. 
  • Now turn off the water supply of your toilet and pour the paste into the bowl.
  • Use a plunger to mix it well with the water. It reacts with water and heats it.
  • This will melt your hair and unclog your toilet.

Other Ways To Dispose Of Your Hair:

Some of the alternative ways to flush your hair down the toilet.

Dispose of It In A Bin:

One of the best solutions to dispose of your shedding hair is in a bin. Dispose of your unwanted hair, never clog your toilet, and does not create any problem for you.

Compost Them:

This is also a good habit to compost your hair. Our hair contains a good amount which makes them organic. All you need is to mix your hair with other organic waste and put it in a composting bin.


In the end, it’s not a good idea to flush hair down the toilet and the answer to your question is no. Hair does not dissolve in your pipeline and is the culprit for the worst clogs. However, a small amount of hair does not ultimately harm. The less hair you flush in the toilet, the more likely you are to keep your plumbing safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair dissolve in water?

Not at all. hair does not dissolve in water and remains as such is treated with acid or heat. The only solution to melt hair is by using extremely hot water.

Can bleach be used to unclog my toilet?

Yes, it can. But bleach is not as effective as a professional drain cleaner. However, bleach can remove smaller clogs. Make sure you are with gloves on while using this bleach.

What happens to the hair that goes down the drain?

Well, this question is very common. There are two possibilities for the hair that you have flushed down. The first one is that they either went through your pipes into the septic tank where they are deuterated by enzymes and bacteria or might clog your toilet sewer line.

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