Can You Flush Paper Down The Toilet

Tissues are found on every extensive shopping list as they have great benefits. That’s why they are found everywhere, including our homes, offices, and beyond. Well, it’s not surprising.

Mostly, the tissues were found in the pockets of those people who care more about their hygiene. They are the most popular because of their multi-purpose nature and one of the purposes of these tissues is in the toilet. They are used in the restroom for cleaning our body parts after using the toilet.

After their usage in the bathroom, some people think to dispose of them in the toilet. Do most People think that Can You FLush Tissues Down The Toilet? This is not the best idea.

In this article, I’m going to focus mainly on the answer to the question of whether it is good to flush tissues down the toilet and also on the alternative ways to dispose of them.

Can You FLush Tissues Down The Toilet

Can Tissues Be Flushed:

The answer to this question is very simple. No, tissues are not flushable. I am sure that you have expected a different answer. As you are thinking that paper towels, tissue paper, and toilet paper all are made of paper. However, all are absorbent and soft but why tissues are not flushable?

If you are perplexed, keep relaxed, and let me explain it more to you. Well, as you know that tissues are designed differently than toilet paper and paper towels. Therefore, when you flush the tissues down the toilet your toilet might be clogged. It can also cause other damages to your septic system.

Toilet papers are designed to break down quickly in the toilet, but unfortunately, tissues are not. Never try to flush the tissue down the toilet as they are designed to retain moisture which makes them unflushable.

What To Do If You Have Flushed:

If this escaped from your mind that “never flush tissues” and you have done so once then the question may arise in your mind ” what if I have flushed the tissues then what will happen”?

It won’t bother you if you flush them once, but if you get in the habit of flushing the tissues in the toilet, then it will clog your toilet after some days and also damage your septic system.

If you don’t want to have a problem with your toilet system then stop flushing the tissue as it can damage your pipeline.

it is good to flush tissues down the toilet

Can You FLush Tissues Down The Toilet:

Pour a Good Amount Of Water At Once:

Add a good amount of water at once in the toilet bowl to unclog your toilet.  For this take a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with water. Now follow the given procedure to pour the water.


  • Fill the bucket with water.
  • Hold the bucket with one hand from the top while the other hand holds the bottom of it.
  • Dump all the water at once in the bowl. 
  • The pressure of the water will unclog your toilet.
  • Remember that if you are too slow to pour the water into the bowl then this will not work to unclog the toilet.

Dump Hot water:

One other solution for unclogging your toilet is by pouring hot water into the toilet bowl. The method is the same as described above but now all you have to do is fill the bucket with hot water and then pour it into the bowl. The hot water will break down the waste and unclog your toilet.

can you flush tissue paper

Mixture Of Vinegar And Baking Soda:

Try using a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Follow the given procedure to make this process effective:

  • Take a cup of vinegar and put it in your toilet bowl.
  • Take another cup of vinegar and put it in the bowl.
  • Now flush your toilet to push it into the waterline. The reaction between them breaks down the tissues. This would also unclog your toilet.
  • You can also make use of a plunger to make it more effective.

Try Using Plunger:

A plunger is also the best solution to unclog the toilet. I would suggest you use the rubber plunger as it is more effective in unclogging.

Move the plunger back and down to break down the tissues and the plunger creates pressure when it moves down. This can also be effective to unclog your toilet.

Use Toilet snake:

If all of the above methods fail, use a toilet snake that will open your tissue-clogged toilet. The toilet snake will take out the tissues that have clogged the toilet and unclog the toilet.

If all these methods fail then try reading out this post to unclog your toilet” HOW TO UNCLOG TOILETS WHEN NOTHING WORKS”.

Alternative Ways To Dispose of Tissues:

If you are worried about alternative ways to dispose of tissues, keep reading this article. The following are the best ways to dispose of the tissues:

can you flush kleenex down the toilet

Throw It In The trash:

As you know if tissues are not flushable then putting them in the trash can is the best idea to dispose of them. For this, Cover the tissue in a bag and then put it in the trash can. But make sure that the trash can is covered properly.


I’m sure you’re also thinking about recycling tissues. It is better to recycle tissues. Tissues are made with short fibers so you can never find a recycling center for your tissues. But don’t worry, you can go to the trash option.

Amazing Replacements Of Tissue Paper:

Flushing tissue paper in the toilet is not a good idea, as discussed in detail above. So a common question that may arise in your mind is “what should I use as an alternative to tissue papers which I can easily flush”? Below are some alternative methods that you can easily use and easily flush.

Toilet Papers:

This is a great idea to use in the bathroom. Because toilet paper is flushable and very soft and easy to use. A hard object can damage any sensitive part of you. Toilet papers are very cheap and flush in your toilet without clogging.


If you do not have toilet paper and have not found anything to clean your body using the bathroom then using a sponge is a great idea. Due to their scrubbing look, they guarantee a clean surface after use.

The sponge does not require any flushing or disposal in the garbage bin. You need to wash it thoroughly after every use.


If all of the above is not found, a piece of cloth may come in handy, which could be a face towel or your T-shirt fabric. But after cleaning your surface, as you know, do not flush it. After use, just wash it thoroughly but separate it from other clothes when washing.


Water is a good solution as it is always available in your bathroom. Of course, flushing doesn’t even close your toilet. The use of water gives you a clean surface after washing.

Wrapping Up:

We need to know the pros and cons of each new product because not doing so makes it seem harmless. For example, flushing medicines, bottles, wipes, tissue papers, etc. in your toilet can cause a lot of problems for you and also pollute the waterways.

If you do not dispose of them properly, they will increase pollution. If very small things like contact lenses cause a lot of catastrophic diseases then I hope you should avoid disposing of things without knowing their harm.

Now I hope you know that it is not good to throw tissue paper in your toilet. Well, the purpose of writing this article is to avoid throwing harmful objects anywhere in the environment.

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