How To Stop a Kohler Toilet From Running

If you are using a Kohler toilet, and it has started running then one of the questions raised in your mind may be “How To Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running?” Well! the problem is not so big but it is increasing your utility bill by wasting the water. The running of water might be due to several reasons among which is the misalignment of the component parts.

In this article, you are going to find a permanent solution for your running Kohler toilet. Here I’m giving you the full step-by-step guide that anyone can follow easily. Basically, all you have to do is to jiggle all the misaligned components of the toilet the float or seal – back into its place.

How To Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running

How To Fix a Toilet That Keeps Running

In the next steps, you will definitely succeed in repairing your running water toilet. All you need is to follow the given instructions.

Things You Need:

  • Pliers
  • Rubber gloves

Check Fill Tube:

How To Stop a Kohler Toilet From Running

If there is an issue with the fill tube of your toilet then simply remove the toilet tank lid and find the fill tube. It is a flexible small tube that runs to the overflow tube from the fill valve. After flushing the tube squirts enough water down the overflow tube to refill the bowl. The next flush will fail when the bowl won’t fill due to the tube’s fall or due to the water stream that misses the overflow tube.

After this reattach the fill tube and push it firmly onto the fill valve. Make sure the tube is about an inch above the edge of the overflow tube. Now, flush your toilet to make sure that the water stream goes down the overflow tube.

Adjust Flapper Chain:

Another reason for leaking is a tangled or short chain that won’t allow the flapper to close and results in the continued leakage of water. This problem causes the valve to turn on and off to refill the tank and keep the toilet running continuously. 

Conversely, a flush rod or long chain that hits the tank fails to keep the flapper wide enough to accommodate a full flush. So, you have to hold the lever to flush the toilet.

Adjust the length of the chain, cut off the excess chain on the rod and leave about an inch extra To avoid this flush problem and to reduce the chance of tangling. After that close the tank lid and flush your toilet to confirm that after pressing the lever the rod doesn’t strike the lid. 

how to fix running toilet kohler

If the problem exists and the rod strikes again then simply bend the rod down slightly and adjust the chain. 

Flapper Replacement:

Chances are high that a faulty flapper could be one of the reasons why your toilet keeps running. Some flappers have rings that slip and some have snap ears over the overflow tube. All you need is to find a replacement for the old flapper.

Purchase a universal flapper from Amazon and replace it with an old one. If the problem exists then try a different replacement. If the issue persists try changing the whole toilet overflow tube.

Use Float To Check Water Height:

The water level in your tank is regulated by an adjustable float. The water level in your tank must be an inch below the overflow tube, which is ideal. A float that is high allows water to fall into the overflow tube and fill the valve won’t close and which is set too low produces a weak flush.

By adjusting the float on the fill valve you can change the water level. You need to know about all float types as there are different float types. Some floats have hollow plastic balls on the end of their float arms that you can bend to adjust the water level.

Floats are of different types and you need to know how to raise your float to change the tank’s water level. Some floats come with a screw that you can clockwise to lower the float down the water level. Others come with a hollow plastic ball at the end of their float arms which you can bend to adjust the water level.

Replacement And Cleaning Of Fill Valve:

Sediments and debris lodged in the fill valve cap also result in the constant running of your Kohler toilet. When you push the flush button of your toilet, the fill valve tops up the tanka and bowl with water. For cleaning the fill valve disconnect it and clean any particles, and then fix it. If the problem continues try replacing your fill valve.

if your toilet is not fixed yet then try watching this video guide for how to fix a running toilet kohler?


Before repairing your running toilet you need to find out the causes and issues. Broken flapper, sediments or debris in the fill valve, leakage, and many other things are the factors that cause flushing problems. It may be easy to repair the flushing issue if you know the cause. The fixture of the problem takes less time and simple tools like pliers etc. if your toilet is clogged due to flushing hair down the toilet then check out this post. Can I Flush Hair Down The Toilet?

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to replace for fixing a running toilet?

For a running toilet, you might need to replace the flapper, flapper chain, or fill valve or if the problem exists try following the above steps.

Is it bad to keep my toilet running?

Well! It is not as bad as a clogged toilet but a running toilet wastes a lot of water which is not good.

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